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middle-aged woman receiving a shot

Immunizations are for Everyone

Receiving vaccines doesn't stop after childhood. There are important immunizations that adults need to protect them from disease throughout their lifetimes.

To help you continue living a healthy life, take a look at our immunization schedules and recommendations on the site. These will help you know which vaccines to talk with your doctor about and why they are important for your health in adulthood.

Immunization Schedule: Adults by Age & Health Condition see Spanish version

To view the document as a PDF, click on the schedule.
2018 Recommended Immunizations for Adults by Age 2018 Recommended Immunizations for Adults by Health Condition

Identifying and Vaccinating Uninsured Adults

Adult Vaccine Guide

This guide can assist state and local immunization programs in identifying and vaccinating uninsured and underinsured adults. The guide includes strategies, practices, and resources from selected state immunization programs and their
partners that have implemented activities or programs to improve access to
vaccines for vulnerable adult populations.