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Immunize Kansas Coalition Hosted a Successful Virtual Educational Legislation Reception in February

The Immunize Kansas Coalition held their annual Educational Legislative Reception titled "Former Anti-Vax Mom and Esteemed Medical Expert Share Their Perspectives on Immunizations." The virtual event brought in 45 attendees. During the event, Kansas legislators, IKC members, and featured speakers joined in a discussion on the importance of immunizations in their Kansas communities.

Heather Simpson, an influential former-anti-vax mom, shared her compelling story of how her outlook on immunizations changed when it came to protecting her daughter.

Dr. Kevin Ault, a professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Kansas, School of Medicine, and member of ACIP, talked about the ACIP, how vaccines are approved, and the importance of routine immunizations.

Tracy Russel, Executive Director at Nurture KC, shared results from their new statewide immunization poll, that demonstrated strong public support for immunizations and the current childhood immunization policy.
IKC had 9 legislators attend the virtual event, and encouraged them to engage in conversation, highlighitng how routine immunization protect communities and individuals from vaccine-preventable diseases.