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Resources to answer common questions about vaccines

If you or someone you know has questions about vaccines, the resources listed below provide scientific, evidence-based information and answers. We've categorized each resource under one of six headings: overall vaccine information, how vaccines work, vaccine safety, history and impact of vaccines, addressing vaccine concerns, and sharing about vaccines.

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Protecting Kansans with Immunization
Overall Vaccine Information
How Vaccines Work
Vaccine Safety
History and Impact of Vaccines
Addressing Vaccine Concerns
Sharing About Vaccines *
Get Involved

* Friendly reminder: Misconceptions, false information, and myths can be easily spread and are difficult to dispel! We would like to encourage and remind our visitors to always 1) evaluate information before sharing and 2) keep the focus on just the facts instead of restating and rebutting myths, as this has the potential to unintentionally embed and spread myths.