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IKC Conferences
This year, connect with IKC at the following conferences:
  • Kansas School Nurse Conference, July 20-22, Virtual
  • KAAP Progress in Pediatrics, September 24, Wichita
  • Mid America Immunization Coalition (MAIC) Symposium, October 14, Kansas City
  • Online Flash Drive

    Below are the most up-to-date versions of resources loaded on the IKC flashdrives, organized just like the flashdrive to make it easy to find what you're looking for. The last revision date is shown in grey next to each file, as well as in the footer of most documents.

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    1. HPV Toolkit

    3. Meningococcal Toolkit

    Shutting the Door on HPV Cancers Module

    HPV Training Module Graphic

    Check out the new IKC Shutting the Door on HPV Cancers module! After taking this module you will be able to: 1) Explain why HPV vaccine is important enough to be routinely recommended for young people (i.e., HPV cancer prevention), 2) Give an HPV vaccination recommendation that is effective and succinct using the same way, same day approach to the introduction of HPV vaccine, 3) Answer the most frequently asked questions about HPV vaccine accurately and succinctly.

    Preventing Flu Module

    Flu Training Module Graphic

    Check out the new IKC Preventing Flu Module! This educational module was developed for health provider audiences with the goal of increasing flu immunization rates. Use this flu module for training in your clinic and get all of your staff—nurses, physicians, pharmacists, the front office, everyone!—on the same page with flu vaccine recommendations.

    HPV Vaccine Videos with IKC Chair, Gretchen Homan, MD

    Optimized-PSA and general video 1
    Optimized-PSA and general video 2
    Optimized-PSA and general video 3

    General Audience | 2:00
    A Strong Recommendation for the HPV Vaccine

    General Audience | 0:30
    A Strong Recommendation for the HPV Vaccine - PSA

    Provider Audience | 2:41
    HPV Vaccine: A strong provider recommendation matters