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Promote the Flu Shot

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The Kansas Quality Improvement Partnership is encouraging healthcare providers and organizations to raise awareness on the importance of influenza immunization rates in our communities. We want to increase rates of vaccinations across Kansas for the 2019-2020 flu season.

IKC Flu Immunization Goals

2019-20 Flu Season

IKC has set goals for the 2019-20 flu season influenza immunization rates for children and adults in Kansas. The goal is to increase the flu immunization rate for children (6 mo-17 yrs) from 63.3% last flu season to 70% this flu season, and for adults (18+ yrs) to increase from 46.8% last season to 60% this flu season.

For historical data on Kansas influenza immunization rates, see the IKC Data Dashboard tab for Influenza or check out CDC's FluVaxView Interactive! tool.

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Poster Templates: Personalize these poster templates with your photos and message to raise awareness for your organizational flu campaign.


  • IKC Preventing Flu Module
    This educational module was developed for health provider audiences with the goal of increasing flu immunization rates. Use this flu module for training in your clinic and get all of your staff—nurses, physicians, pharmacists, the front office, everyone!—on the
    same page with flu vaccine recommendations.
  • IKC Preventing Flu Module
    IKC Preventing Flu Module
  • CDC Webinar How I Recommend the Flu Vaccine

Additional Toolkits & Resources

Influenza-like  Illness (ILI) Reported by ILINet* Sites and ESSENCE
KDHE Influenza Surveillance Graph

Surveillance Data

Develop a Campaign!

Suggested campaign ideas to get you started.

Alana's Foundation - Flu Challenge for Schools

Alana's Foundation includes a national campaign toolkit for colleges and universities. The foundation has an application process for grants to fund the vaccine. One Kansas university participated last year - we hope to see more join the challenge this year!

  • Shot Clinics/Awareness events - partner with the local health department to host clinics/events.
    • Schools
      • Football games and school sporting events
      • Considering offering free or reduce entrance or a snack with Flu shot sticker
      • PTO events
      • School nurses
    • Community events (fairs, festivals, craft shows, dinners)
    • Local food drives
    • Religious organizations
    • Community/Senior Centers/Library
    • Local support/outreach organizations (shelters, meal sites, YMCA/YWCA, etc.)
    • Fraternal service organizations (Masonic, Eagles, Elks, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, etc.)
    • Casinos
    • Local School of Nursing
  • Create a PSA video to promote awareness (sample)
  • Submit your vaccinations to WebIZ

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