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Immunize Kansas Coalition Two-Part Webinar Series on Engaging Vaccine Hesitancy

The Immunize Kansas Coalition (IKC) hosted a two-part webinar series, Engaging Vaccine Hesitancy, during the first two weeks of May. These webinars were designed to help those working to encourage vaccination to be better equipped to have vaccination conversations. To gain the greatest number of participants, IKC promoted the webinars using a promotional toolkit, a pop up on the IKC website homepage, and ad campaigns on a variety of social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok).

The first webinar, Q&A with Former Anti-Vax Moms, was held on May 4th featured Lydia Greene and Heather Simpson from Back to the Vax. Over 100 participants from across Kanas and the U.S. joined the webinar to hear Lydia and Heather share their stories, ask questions about their experiences, and get answers about what has been the most impactful in shifting their perspectives.

The second webinar, Successfully Talking About Vaccines: The Voices for Vaccines Method, was held on May 11th with Karen Ernst, MA, Executive Director of Voices for Vaccines who is a nationally known expert in building vaccine confidence through peer-to-peer networking and interactions. Karen trained webinar participants on how to have successful conversations about vaccines using the 4A Method – Ask, Acknowledge, Affirm, and Answer.

To request the recordings of one or both webinars, please email IKC Staff.