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National Immunization Awareness Month 2019

August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM)! This year for NIAM, IKC has created a social media strategy with a suggested schedule to post content from the CDC NIAM toolkit throughout the month of August. Everyone is encouraged participate by scheduling these posts on your social media platforms to increase awareness about immunizations in your online communities.

August 1: Staying up-to-date on recommended vaccines throughout your life is important.

August 1 social media grpahic, heart shape family photo on orange background
This August for National Immunization Awareness Month, we're highlighting the importance of getting recommended vaccines throughout your life. Use #ivax2protect to share why you get recommended vaccines! Also, check out the CDC's NIAM Resources:

August 7: You have the power to protect against vaccine-preventable diseases.

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You have the power to protect your children against serious diseases like measles, cancers caused by HPV, and whooping cough.

August 14: Vaccines are safe and effective at preventing serious diseases.

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For many patients, a strong, clear recommendation will be sufficient to accept recommended vaccines. Others may need more information. Use the SHARE approach to communicate important information to help patients make informed decisions about vaccinations.

August 21: Vaccinate on time. Getting vaccines at the recommended time is the best way to protect against serious diseases.

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By getting your child the recommended vaccines during childhood and adolescence, you protect them from 16 serious diseases.

August 28: Vaccine-preventable diseases are still a threat. Vaccination is the best protection.

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Pertussis is still common in the United States. During the first few months of life, infants are at greatest risk of contracting pertussis and having severe, potentially life-threatening complications from the infection. Tdap vaccination during pregnancy helps protect infants until they can get their own vaccines.