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HPV Vaccine Toolkit

HPV Vaccine Videos with IKC Chair

Video recommending HPV Vaccine part 1
Video recommending HPV Vaccine part 2
Video recommending HPV Vaccine part 3

General Audience | 2:00
A Strong Recommendation for the HPV Vaccine

General Audience | 0:30
A Strong Recommendation for the HPV Vaccine - PSA

Provider Audience | 2:41
HPV Vaccine: A strong provider recommendation matters

IKC Call to Change Documents

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Dr. Eplee Intro Letter
Webinar Series
It prevents cancer.
What's the Problem?
Shutting the Door on
HPV Cancers Module

Videos: HPV Vaccine Conversations

CDC Links/Websites

Strategies to Improve Vaccination Rates

Clinician Resources and Talking Points

Marketing Toolkit

Announcement/Presumptive Language

Announcement or Presumptive Language is stating that a child is due for vaccines and assuming that the parent is ready to vaccinate. This essentially ends the conversation at the announcement point unless the parent has any further questions. The goal of this is to increase vaccination rates for adolescent vaccines.

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boy jumping into lake with his tongue out HPV vaccine promotion boy on soccer field HPV vaccine promotion What parents should know about HPV vaccine safety and effectiveness information girl thinking Spanish HPV vaccine promotion girl thinking English HPV vaccine promotion HPV Vaccine guide for young adults fact sheet 3 things parents should know about preventing cancer HPV vaccine promotion Six Reasons to Get the HPV Vaccine Bike Riders Encouraging HPV Vaccine Mother and Daughter Infographic about Protecing Kids with the HPV Vaccine Girl Smiling Infographic about the HPV Vaccine