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2023 Collegiate Campaign
Immunize Kansas Coalition, KFMC Health Improvement Partners, and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment are teaming up with Kansas colleges and universities to fight flu! This toolkit includes social media graphics and to help guide the educational outreach for student health clinics and school administrators during the 2023-2024 school year. Share these resources widely with your school administrators, student health clinic staff, students, and other networks to help #RaiseTheRates this flu season!

Social Media Resources

This toolkit consists of graphics in IKC color schemes with social media captions that go along with each image.

College/University Template

This template consists of a series of customizable social media graphics. When entering into the template, the link will ask if you would like to make a copy. Yes, you would like to make your own copy so that you can customize to match your schools colors and insert a logo.

Digital Ads for College/University

Find the ad that represents your school, download and share with your networks! Use in university newsletters, share on social media, add to your website, or pin on a bulletin board. This is a great way to promote the Collegiate Challenge with students and faculty across campus.

Print Resources

Flyers for College/University

Share about the colleigate campaign by downloading the flyer that represents your school! This resource includes a QR code for students to scan post-vaccination to show student turn out on campus.
Vaccine Fears Overturned by Facts Full Booklet PDF

Vaccine Fears Overturned by Facts Full Booklet PDF

View the 2023-2024 Campaign Results

The 2023-2024 #KansasFightsFlu Collegiate Challenge has come to an end. View the Flu Challenge Summary to see the results and additional information.